Krabi couch surfing

My WWOOFing in Penang had finished abruptly, and since I was so close to Thailand, I thought why not and bought a bus ticket to Thailand. Thailand is a place full of friendly people. In the first 5 minutes of crossing the boarder, I was asked if I needed a Thai boyfriend. How nice.

I’ve heard good things about Krabi from a lot of people, so I thought I’ll start looking for some volunteer places there.

I like the idea of couch surfing, but have never use it as a way to find accommodation. Maybe my sensible self is telling me it’s too risky. I created a public trip on couch surfing, hoping I can find someone to hang out with when I get there. few hours later, I got a message offering to host me in Krabi! It was from a girl, and she seemed nice. So I headed over.

Sunset in the small town of Lam Thap

I was so lucky. I was basically adopted into my host’s family, went out for dinner, markets in the mornings, did a little tiki tour around Krabi area. Couldn’t have asked for a better rest stop.

I heard many solo female travellers getting creepy messages from dudes. I did too, I just ignored them all. I think there are enough good people in the world (most of the time) things work out well.


Ninjas of Tiger Cave Temple

We started our walk around 4pm. Can’t remember how long it took us to get up to the top of the 1237 steps, but I was crying sweat by the time I got up there.

I was greeted by this guy when I got up to the top of the temple

On the way up, I saw little monks running down the steps. And right at the back elder monk walked down steadily.

This guy lives up in the temple. I wonder if he ever comes down

small.edit.IMG_4739.JPGThe view up there is amazing. To the east, I saw beautiful mountains, and to the west Krabi town, and small islands further out.

People waiting for the epic sunset, and one guy with his tree pose.