Faces of Nepal

It really is good people who make good places.


edit.IMG_7053Nepal is made up of diverse ethnic groups. A lot of people in Nepal look Indian, but some look pacific islander-ish, and some Mongolian. Also, because of the open border policy with India, a lot of Indians live in Nepal too. But when you start climbing up the mountains, you’ll see more Mongolian looking faces. one famous ethnic group being the Sherpa.

When I was climbing Everest basecamp trek, a lot of Sherpa guides said I look like a Sherpa. I just thought it’s because I’m Asian, and also have a Mongolian face. Then I went to a rural tea plantation village of Ilam, and they thought I was Sherpa and started talking to me in Nepali everywhere I went. When I told them I’m not Nepali, they just couldn’t understand how someone that looks exactly like them can’t understand what they were saying. So then they’ll speak slowly to help me understand it. I’ll just smile and nod most of the time.


Maybe I was warmly welcomed because I have a familiar face. But I hear Nepali people are one of the most accommodating, hospitable people. I surely felt that. Buckets of free teas and banter. Maybe I was a Sherpa in my past life?


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