People of India

The one thing the hits me day after day is how big India is, and how many people live here.






City Palace in Jaiupur


In Mumbai we went on a guided tour around Dharavi slum – the one from slum dog millionaire. The slum was very different to what I had expected. It’s a functioning community with huge recycling and leather works industry, as well as a school, hospital, and temples. Our guide told us that many people live here by choice, because it’s in a handy location to work, and it has infrastructures and communities to live decently. Though I’m sure there were only showing the bits that they wanted us to see. 1 million people live in this slum. One million!


these pigeons fly around like synchronised swimmers 



After a few weeks or weaving through motorbikes, tuktuks, men with trolleys, cows, goats, dogs, horses, and people, I did get sort of used to it. I guess I learned how to get used to the noise, and just get on with my day, just like 1.3 billion Indians do every day. Though, when I’m hungry I get real agitated and feel like I want to punch everyone in their face and yell at people staring at me. I get a bottle of trusty coke when I feel hangry Miri coming.



It’s a country of extremes – when it’s good, it’s amazing, but when it’s bad, you just want to stay in the air-conditioned room and not talk to anyone. I often find myself smiling as I’m walking down the street. Everyone’s curious and wants to say hi, offer you a chai, then try to sell you something. But it’s all very pleasant experience so far.

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