Krabi couch surfing

My WWOOFing in Penang had finished abruptly, and since I was so close to Thailand, I thought why not and bought a bus ticket to Thailand. Thailand is a place full of friendly people. In the first 5 minutes of crossing the boarder, I was asked if I needed a Thai boyfriend. How nice.

I’ve heard good things about Krabi from a lot of people, so I thought I’ll start looking for some volunteer places there.

I like the idea of couch surfing, but have never use it as a way to find accommodation. Maybe my sensible self is telling me it’s too risky. I created a public trip on couch surfing, hoping I can find someone to hang out with when I get there. few hours later, I got a message offering to host me in Krabi! It was from a girl, and she seemed nice. So I headed over.


Sunset in the small town of Lam Thap

I was so lucky. I was basically adopted into my host’s family, went out for dinner, markets in the mornings, did a little tiki tour around Krabi area. Couldn’t have asked for a better rest stop.

I heard many solo female travellers getting creepy messages from dudes. I did too, I just ignored them all. I think there are enough good people in the world (most of the time) things work out well.


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